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Monday, March 6, 2017

'Brain Prize' for UNITED KINGDOM analysis on memory mechanisms

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neurons in the hippocampusSymbol copyright Technological Know-How Picture Library Symbol caption While a connection between nerve cells is busy, it will get stronger

3 British researchers have won a prize value 1,000,000 euros, provided per annum for an "exceptional contribution to European neuroscience".

Tim Bliss, Graham Collingridge and Richard Morris found out how bolstered connections between brain cells can retailer our memories.

Our present figuring out of reminiscence is built on their work, which unpicked the mechanisms and molecules concerned.

this is the primary time the Brain Prize has been won by means of a wholly UNITED KINGDOM workforce.

it's provided via a Danish charitable basis and the 2016 winners have been introduced in London on Tuesday.

Image copyright PA Image caption Prof Bliss (L) and Prof Morris spoke at a media conference, the place the temper was celebratory

"Memories modification the brain - the brain is plastic," said Prof Bliss, who labored for lots of years at the Nationwide Institute of Clinical Analysis in London and is now affiliated with the Francis Crick Institute.

Those changes happen on the junctions among nerve cells - synapses - and were defined in a pioneering study by means of Bliss and a Norwegian colleague, Terje Lømo, within the 1970s.

They recorded mind cells in anaesthetised rabbits and found that repeatedly stimulating two attached neurons brought about their connection to get more potent.

"If nerve cell phone A is connected to nerve cell phone B, and A takes section in firing B, then the synapse - the relationship between A and B - will be reinforced," Prof Bliss explained.

Image copyright Technological Know-How Picture Library Symbol caption the most critical connections are made in part of the mind called the hippocampus

The Brain Prize is offered via the Grete Lundbeck Eu Mind Research Basis, primarily based in Copenhagen; a committee of eight neuroscientists makes the decision.

Billed as "the world's most worthy prize for mind research", its 1,000,000-euro worth - to be shared by means of the 3 winners - marginally exceeds that of the biennial US $1m neuroscience prize presented by the Kavli Foundation.

It will likely be introduced in Copenhagen on 1 July through Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik.

The first British winner was once geneticist Prof Karen Metal of King's Faculty London, who shared the prize in 2012 for her work on deafness; Cambridge psychologist Trevor Robbins used to be certainly one of 3 recipients in 2014.

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