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Friday, March 10, 2017

Drink Yourself Narrow

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Great tasting beverages

Anyone, at any aspect, can all of a sudden to find themselves on a liquid vitamin for any choice of purposes, whether it's physician prescribed, or the result of a bodily injury, or even a self prescribed liquid speedy, of types. I fall into the 'self prescribed' listing and replacing just some of my day-to-day meals with vitamin shakes has been a crucial part of my recent weight loss trek.

i use the SlimFast emblem of meal substitute shake combine, as i locate it has a particularly easy consistency and, more importantly, it essentially tastes nice! Taste may be very top on my list of necessities the place any vitamin is worried as a result of if the style is not there, i am not going to stay with it. i can honestly say, SlimFast's chocolate flavour has wrecked me for getting chocolate milk now because it if truth be told tastes much better than the chocolate milk I all the time purchased!

Not necessarily a nasty factor, i guess, considering I used to shop for a lot of chocolate milk.

the new and improved SlimFast

Years ago, in my early twenties, I used SlimFast to assist me lose a fair little bit of unneeded weight. It used to be a hard journey, however I caught with it and in fact managed to lose aproximately 60 kilos in about 8 months time.

Over the years (I'm in my early fifties now) the ones 60 pounds have slowly crept again and so i recently discovered myself a can of SlimFast again. you can imagine i used to be pleasantly stunned to look that they had improved upon their already great tasting product by giving it, "as much as FOUR hours starvation keep watch over", because the box now states.

Smartly, FOUR hours is definitely a stretch, however i can truthfully say, i have by no means in my lifestyles, slammed again a pitcher of chocolate milk and then forgot i was hungry for 2 or THREE hours! I do this ceaselessly with the chocolate flavoured SlimFast now. What a fully amazing improvement! i don't understand how they do it, and i do not need to know, as a result of what I do recognise is, it works, and that is the reason ok for me!

My best 5 favorite how you can make a SlimFast shake.

Note i don't use skim milk. i truly dislike the taste of skim milk so as an alternative, i really like to make use of 2% and mix it with water. it seems to preserve it is milky taste that manner and does not have that gross, almost cardboard flavour i find so disgusting with skim milk.

Not Only For Monkeys

Simple Jane Banana Shake

1 medium banana, chopped and preferably cold from the refrigerator or better yet, if your blender can care for it, frozen 8 ounces water 4 oz. 2% milk 1 serving yogurt, plain or vanilla flavour 1 scoop Vanilla flavoured SlimFast powder

Put all the foods right into a blender and blend until clean.

Chocolate Banana

1 small banana, ideally frozen or chilly from the refrigerator FOUR ounces 2% milk 8 oz. water 1 scoop Chocolate flavoured SlimFast powder 1 serving plain yogurt

Mix it all together and simply attempt to drink it slow!


Orange Creamsicle

I small can of mandarin oranges, drained and rinsed 6 ounces unsweetened orange juice 2 oz 2% milk 1 serving undeniable yogurt 1 scoop Vanilla SlimFast powder Add some beaten ice in case you want.

Combine the entire ingredients in a blender and drink your creamsicle with out the melting ice cream mess!

Pretty Contemporary Apple


Apple Pie

I apple, recent or frozen, peeled and sliced EIGHT oz. unsweetened apple juice 2 oz 2% milk 1 serving undeniable, or vanilla flavoured yogurt 1 teaspoon cinnamon, or to taste 1 scoop Vanilla flavoured SlimFast powder

Mix all in combination in a blender and drink an apple pie!

Can Not Go Wrong With Fruit and Yogurt

Always a good mixAlways a fair combine

Any fruit and chocolate

1 serving of any fruit flavoured yogurt FOUR oz. 2% milk 4 ounces water 1 scoop Chocolate flavoured SlimFast powder

Mix up the entire foods in a blender and enjoy!

i find cherry or coconut yogurt are my two favourite flavours for this shake. Lemon or lime are pretty tasty also.

This recipe also works wonderfully with the Vanilla flavoured SlimFast in addition.

The combinations are never-ending!

SlimFast Fruit Yogurt chocolate strawberries vanilla vanilla banana creme caramel chocolate none coconut strawberry banana fieldberry vanilla recent kiwi simple vanilla peaches vanilla or plain chocolate mini mandarines vanilla Recent, Frozen, or Canned Fruit....Mix and Fit To Seek Out your Favourites.

All according to style

All of these recipes are, after all, my very own non-public flavour favorites. you'll be able to combine and match your individual favorite fruits, amounts, and yogurt types with any of the SlimFast flavours to make a shake that makes your personal tastebuds need to bounce up and say, "And a good morning to you too!".

i find adding a banana to my morning shake offers it a perfectly thick texture that sticks to my ribs slightly longer than with out the banana. And if the banana is chilly from the fridge, it seems to enhance that texture even more. I always keep them at hand within the refrigerator now and although adding a banana to every of the recipes above will modification the style, it is absolutely now not a nasty factor, and it in reality is helping me on those occasional days when tipping back the refrigerator turns out far more most appropriate to consuming just another shake.

Virtually done

i'm not finished this adventure yet, but i've misplaced nearly 40 kilos so far, and with the help of my vitamin shakes, i do know i will be in a position to stick with it until I Am performed. I also realize that my plan is to keep using those shakes, even after I've reached my weight reduction goal, not just as a result of they taste great, however as a result of i truly really feel better after consuming one than I do after consuming something heavy (with the additional advantage of no longer feeling hungry for a couple of hours).

Now if i can simply forestall waking up once every week desirous to eat eggs Benedict and toast for breakfast......

have you ever ever used SlimFast diet shakes?

Sure, and i did not like itNot but, but I plan toYes, and it worked wellNo thank you, I like to chewSee results


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FemaleAdda Social profile image

FemaleAdda 12 hours ago

All drink recipe are nice. i really like Orange Creamsicle, I Will attempt to make it.

ChitrangadaSharan profile image

Chitrangada Sharan NINE hours ago from New Delhi, India

What a wonderfully offered hub with great pictures and proposals!

all of them sound so nutritious, wholesome and yummy too!

i would like to try every one of them!

Thank You for sharing!

Beachhopper profile imageAuthor

Beachhopper 7 hours in the past from Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Thank you for so so much to your comments! i hope you revel in those beverages as much as I do!

ShyeAnne profile image

ShyeAnne 4 hours ago from Deep Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Excellent, simple to learn and informative. !!

Beachhopper profile imageAuthor

Beachhopper 3 hours in the past from Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Thank you ShyeAnne!


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