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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fragile Id Poem

9:43:00 AM Posted by Her Telden No comments

Not Anything Much In Any Respect!

I Am in point of fact


when I'm now not

dancing away

on a cloud,

And, I Am as quiet

as a mouse,

while I'm no longer

raving mad,

and so loud!

I Am slightly subdued,

while I Am now not

telling everyone,

(and their brother),

my dramatic Life's Tale,

And, I Like watching

lovely musicals,

whilst I'm no longer

eager about

something gory!

I kneel down,


ahead of The Lord,

however in His Victory,

I stand mightily tall;

I'm in reality so

many stuff,

you spot,

but I'm additionally

nothing a lot at all!

Tamara Moore

© 2017 Tamara Moore


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Tamara Moore profile imageAuthor

Tamara Moore 33 hours in the past

I simply wrote you an extended answer, and they most effective allowed my "thank you" to you! Peculiar

Tamara Moore profile imageAuthor

Tamara Moore 33 hours ago

Awwe, thanks

Luke Holm profile image

Luke Holm 34 hours ago

Great! It looks much better and the pictures appear more relevant. HubPages likes complete sized photographs, so extend them to full dimension on every occasion possible. Also, be certain that to make use of royalty loose photographs as a lot as possible (to avoid copyright issues), particularly in the event you want to monetize your site in a while. to find royalty loose photographs, go to complicated seek for Google images. Click utilization rights and select unfastened to proportion, even commercially.

Tamara Moore profile imageAuthor

Tamara Moore 34 hours in the past

I see... so, I delivered a few photographs before I got this subsequent answer of yours, and that i didn't understand how to move the photographs around prior to, however now I do! i have to run a few errands, but if I return, i will be able to follow and try some of these ideas that you simply mentioned! i would love to check out making text boxes.

Luke Holm profile image

Luke Holm 35 hours ago

So, when you are typing the text, that is a text box. you'll be able to upload extra text packing containers, developing the potential for breaks (after which pictures) throughout the poetry/stanzas. you'll be able to additionally upload polls, videos, charts, and so on. You Can figure it out. It took me a couple of days to get it down too.

Tamara Moore profile imageAuthor

Tamara Moore 35 hours in the past

Good Day Luke, thanks in your lovely comment. Yes, ABCD Poem- undecided approximately EFGD..lol. i will attempt to do as you urged and breaking up the stanzas into other text boxes, and putting pics in among the stanzas :-) I'm undecided what it method to position them into different "textual content containers", even though. I'm new on Hub. i truly, really have fun with your comments and recommendation greater than i will be able to say

Luke Holm profile image

Luke Holm 36 hours ago

Tamara, nice poem! i thought it flowed smartly and especially favored the top rhymes for every coupled stanza. is that this an ABCA poem? It seems extra like an ABCD EFGD poem. Would Possibly I recommend breaking apart your stanzas into different textual content boxes? That method you'll positioned photos in among stanzas for those who'd like. When the usage of photos, i think you get a higher score if the pictures relate to the hub/words. Regardless, your poem was great! keep up the good work!


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