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Friday, March 10, 2017

Poem: Don't Pass The Sociopath's Trail

7:33:00 PM Posted by Her Telden No comments

Run Down A Special Path!

Temper your pleasure;

run down a special path;

Where you're headed

will best lead to the Sociopath!

His wit and prepared understanding

takes over many a prey;

don't be his next victim

for you could now not break out!

Love is blind,

and charm is deceiving;

do not get caught within the internet

of his sticky, evil weaving!

Heed the caution of your gut-intuition,

as this monster is built for wrath;

you're going to by no means win in his video games, so...

Stay Away From The Sociopath!

Tamara Moore

© 2017 Tamara Moore


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Luke Holm profile image

Luke Holm 12 hours in the past

Tamara, great ABCB rhymes! I especially enjoyed the primary and 3rd stanzas. at the finish, i thought the 1+1 line used to be a bit of a cop out, even if I know it used to be a play on phrases with "...do the maths." Regardless, I enjoyed your poem. The sociopath is devious and at all times lurking behind the mask. She would possibly also be the one staring back in the replicate! Dun dun dun...thanks for sharing :)

Tamara Moore profile imageAuthor

Tamara Moore ELEVEN hours ago

Thanks, Luke! I Will Be Able To reconsider rewriting the last paragraph. You stuck me on this cop-out :-) That was a Writer's Block Cop-Out. I Can fix it as I do enjoy your lend a hand!

And, you understand that topic tune to the movie, JAWS? Smartly, as far as "the only staring back in the reflect", (JAWS Topic Track is taking part in, and echoing right through each hall).... "Be Careful"! You never know, do you? (LOL). It's precise; one never knows another person inside, and out.

Thank you for reading!

Tamara Yancosky Moore

Tamara Moore profile imageAuthor

Tamara Moore 11 hours in the past



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