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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Remedy And Remedy For Posterior Fistula

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Ghee And Milk


Cure For Posterior Fistula

I have been procrastinating scripting this article on remedy for posterior fistula. From my analysis in the internet, apparently there's no oral cure for posterior fistula, excluding surgical procedure. I procrastinated as a result of I didn’t suppose any person would believe me, that there may be an effortless oral remedy for this downside. What I'm going to explain is from my private experience; how I cured myself of this problem through the use of an excessively simple oral way. Yes, there is a cure with out surgery, if you happen to are as fortunate as me. at least this labored for me. As for you, I don’t know.

What's Posterior Fistula?

A posterior fistula originates from one in all the anal glands which drain into the anal canal. If the opening of these glands turns into blocked, an abscess can strengthen on the pores and skin floor near the anus. A posterior fistula is the small channel that develops between the top of the anal canal and the surface across the anus. on the floor of the outside across the anus, one or more of the fistula ends might seem as minute holes . The Area round these holes will appear swollen. A posterior fistula usually develops after an anal abscess bursts, usually with pus. A posterior fistula is painful and will cause bleeding and discharge, particularly when passing stools. In my case every step I took, caused pain around the anus.

How I Cured My Posterior Fistula

As a long way as i know, the one scientific solution to cure posterior fistula is by surgery. but the risk of recurrence is ready 20%. And in my case, after surgical treatment it resurfaced.

What I Am going to share with you currently was my non-public revel in in my remedy for posterior fistula. the one assurance i can provide you with is that that is a true account of my very own experience. Whether it will work for others, I don’t recognise. I don’t understand any clinical or clinical reason for my success. What I'm sure is that this straightforward way cured my problem. Any Individual can do this approach. This i will be able to say; I don’t think there may be any harm attempting, for the foods used are only not unusual pieces.

Curing Posterior Fistula With Ghee And Milk.

Whilst my posterior fistula resurfaced after surgery, my father-in-law took me to this one who purportedly had cured many of such ailment. This individual gave me a powdered drugs which i was to take only a wee bit two times an afternoon, as soon as the very first thing within the morning, and again prior to going to mattress. The prescription was once to take a tiny little bit of this powder, put it on a spoonful of ghee, and swallow it followed by means of consuming a pitcher of heat milk. i have forgotten the length for this prescription, but after some time the fistula was once long past!

Sadly, after a protracted duration, the fistula again resurfaced. i used to be desperate to find a treatment. i used to be not able to locate that person who provided me the medicine powder. as if a few “intelligence” had led me to think. May Just it's that the powder used to be only a placebo? As I best installed a tiny bit, smaller than a small raisin. Perhaps the ghee used to be the real substance that cured my fistula!

i decided to provide it a try. I adopted the similar guide, best this time without the powder. i've forgotten how lengthy I adopted the prescription. The swollen house subsided, and after a length i could really feel a small hardened pea-sized protrusion at the tip of the fistula. Then one day i tried to squeeze it out like squeezing out a “black-head” from one’s face. To my surprise, it came out. And ever considering the fact that that day I didn't have any recurrent. Smartly, believe it or no longer; it’s up to you.

at the premise that if it worked for me, it may paintings for no less than another person. despite the fact that just one person gets cured via following my way, i will feel free that I made the fitting choice to percentage this data in the web.

The Method That Cured My Posterior Fistula

Observe the 2 simple steps below twice an afternoon, the very first thing within the morning and the second time prior to going to mattress at night time. As I said, i've forgotten for the way long I took the prescription. in order a rule of thumb, do it for 2 weeks or till the jar of ghee is finished, whichever comes first. you just want to get a jar of ghee about 250gm or NINE ounces.

Step 1. Scoop a tablespoon of ghee and swallow it with a little bit milk.

Step 2. Then end drinking the glass of warm milk.

Latest : My Recent Come Across With Posterior Fistula, Once More

This article was written on 22 August, 2011. Nowadays, 17 November, 2012, I'm here again to proportion my latest come upon with the dreaded posterior fistula. the first stumble upon that I defined above used to be virtually 40 years in the past! i believed i used to be safe ceaselessly from this posterior fistula drawback. However cling on. Many months ago I did feel a bit worried when I unexpectedly felt a similar pea-measurement protrusion inside my posterior. because it did not give me any problem, I simply neglected it.

Then approximately weeks ago, I panicked! The protrusion appeared to have shifted and causing pain round my posterior. What did I do then? You guess right! i started the ghee and milk remedy. That used to be the time I updated the photos on the proper. The photos display the ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-gm. can of ghee, the glass of milk and the quantity of ghee that I took every time. i purchased the milk from a grocery store, and it said as "recent milk" as shown in the image at the right.

As an experiment, for the first week, I took the ghee and milk within the morning after an excessively mild breakfast. the second one week, I took it on an empty abdomen the first thing in the morning. the second one dose was once taken earlier than I went to sleep at evening. The ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-gm. can of ghee lasted one week. I completed the two-week treatment using 2 cans of ghee. This morning I took the last tablespoon of ghee, and now I'm a happy man once more!!

at the first few days, i may feel that the ache round my posterior had subsided. It was once plain sailing after that. there is nonetheless a trace of the protrusion, however because it isn't bothering me anymore, I regarded as it settled. i know this protrusion is not a relapse because my earlier downside used to be at the right side, even as the existing "intruder" is on the left facet. Whether Or Not that is posterior fistula or no longer, it doesn't subject. the fact is that it causes ache and soreness. And the undertaking is to regard it, so that there's not more pain and soreness.

As a degree of prudence, i will repeat the ghee and milk remedy once in each and every months from now on. Wish with this a hit second remedy, you readers can have more trust in my "magic" treatment for posterior fistula. Please don't inquire from me any technical query as to why or how this ghee and milk remedy is valuable. I truthfully don't know. one thing i do know needless to say, 100% certain, is that this remedy effectively solved my downside twice, even after a lapse of 40 years!

I Can't Provide Any Expert Advice

Readers have occasionally requested me for specific advice on the treatment. i may be in a position to share my experience, but I'm sorry i do not suppose i have the authority or experience to offer any higher advice than what i have written. So, if i don't reply to your query, it signifies that I have no idea the solution. that is better than to give you mistaken information or recommendation. i'm hoping readers will consider my place here. I Am simply sharing my positive enjoy and wish a few of you may also have the great fortune to get cured just like me.

I want you neatly.

Feedback, Opinions And Solutions By Way Of Readers

The remark section for this article is turning into an overly long listing with feedback, reviews and solutions by means of readers. Please be aware that every one those comments are the personal reviews of the readers. I permit and welcome comments within the spirit of truthful play and communique, hoping that those feedback shall be a good idea to all who're seeking a cure for his or her health problems. Subsequently, in good faith, please be sincere and fair for your feedback.

this is also to remind readers that i personally do not propose the comments as I don't realize the"commentors" nor the authenticity in their knowledge.

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There are over 500 comments as at December 2014. To make your seek more uncomplicated and sooner, i've "replica & paste" under, the positive feedback as much as 23 March 2015. For more sure feedback after this date, you wish to scroll down the "comments" segment at the top of this newsletter.

comment on 2 March 2012 :


I have been melting the ghee in heat milk for the last week following your directions. After the first THREE days the fistula swelling and drainage has stopped! Thank You such a lot for this data.


touch upon NINE July 2012 :


My swelling already gone however nonetheless were given puss got here out from my fistula and a fair news not more ache after taking gee and milk after FOUR days....any data to proportion Mr Just Right Guy?

Thank You for the nice info from you.


comment on 21 July 2012 :


Hello Goodguy,

thanx to your evergreen tip. I'm recuperating day by day. i have no pus now but a bit pain is left now...i'm hoping it'll be vanished after sometime the usage of your tip & Hpathy medicine...May God bless you..


touch upon 12 Aug 2012


thank you very much to your lend a hand it 's paintings,after THREE days best i m heal,no more pus, not more swelling,no leaks


comment on 25 Aug 2012


hello good guy, i had anal fistula. milk and ghee is an exquisite drugs, the swelling and oozing stopped in weeks as you have mentioned. Ghee with warm milk truly carry down the body heat and this is the route result in for this. I also used to sit in a hot water tub two times day-to-day. I God bless you !


comment on 5 October 2012


Hi Just Right Guy,

Hats off to you... Ghee and milk remedy has in reality labored out for me... i had fistulectomy surgical treatment performed 3 months back and a couple of weeks sooner than i had an abscess which got burst and luckily i saw your put up and started taking ghee and milk .. you will now not believe the pus got tired in 8 days and wound is healed utterly... thank you for your lend a hand.. god bless you.. all of the men who've equivalent fistula issue are requested to take this simple treatment so one can in point of fact bring an end to this crap fistula which had afflicted virtually all of the global...


comment on 7 October 2012


The Usage Of your Ghee recommendation i was on the road to therapeutic felt so excellent I slowd down on ghee. Had a birthday celebration, ate some goodies drank reasonably a little bit of beer and had pizza. increase next day fistula flared up. i believe Im performed with the processed food and sugars as seems to be what makes my fistula flare up. As quickly as i were given again on ghee, juicing and eating entire meals it begins to head away.


touch upon 14 Oct 2012

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Pricey Mr. Excellent Guy,

Thanks for sharing this helpful recipe. you may have just save me from a surgical operation nightmare. I Am so petrified of surgery...........So, your recommend truly help me. Thank You so much in your kindness.

Ultimate Monday, i've started to use ghee and heat milk. the second day, it dried up. I'm so satisfied, however at the third day till lately, it keep leaking pus and a bit of blood just like earlier than i exploit ghee and heat milk. but the hollow become smaller.

again, my thousand grateful to Mr. Good Man for offering a brand new wish for me. you might be in reality a good Guy. Would Possibly God at all times bless you and reply your kindness.


comment on 6 Nov 2012
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saved from surgical treatment
PLEASE hearken to this man and may God bless this guy for his helpful propose. I suffered from an abscess and conceivable fistula. the issue persisted for six months....... I googled non-surgeries for the remedy of abscess and fistula. I came upon Mr. Good Man's (Justin Choo) therapy........Inside Of 24 hours, the abscess and fistula started to drain. Within 48 hours my energy stage spiked. Within 3 days the entire abscess and fistula were totally LONG PAST.....It has now been 6 days and my signs and illness at the moment are ONE HUNDRED% long gone. The nightmare is over.....i think I owe, at the very least, my testimonial to Mr. Choo who saved me from unnecessary surgery and fully eradicated my sickness.......Mr. Choo, your handiest request used to be that I supply a testimonial. Here it's. May God bless you.


comment on 17 Nov 2012

Navid Rashid

i began your treatment & i have85% remedy thanks expensive god bless i am sure i will be able to get over it soon god bless

Follow-up 5 Dec 2012

ho Just Right man i am feeling significantly better publish i started taking ghee i Tablespoon first & then ingesting milk my pain is NINETY % over and i do not see any blood or puss now shall i continue this & if yes till when please recommend ...i am having somewhat a reduction again thanks ..i can really feel the scar on the fistula commencing but no ireatation in the rectom

Follow-up (31 Dec 2012)

hello all i was a sufferer of Fistula and did the remedy of Milk & Ghee and let me tell u allots paintings wonders on me NINETY FIVE% i am through with it & wishing no relapse _______________________________________________________________

touch upon 19, Nov 2012


Dear Mr, Excellent Guy .thanks greatly, i had been studying your entire articles for the past 6 months . you're a person who has made an excessively significant certain amendment in my life. you saved me from gall bladder stone then FISTULA.this thing has been hell to me for the previous six years. On 14:11:2012 was once my date for surgical procedure.monday 12:ELEVEN:2012 the physician phoned me ,telling me the extenssion of the surgical operation to thursday 29:ELEVEN:2012. I critically began to follow your procedure for curing FISTULA.Am at 90% curing now.THANKS FOR HAVING A GOOD BIG MIDDLE. I live in france .


comment on 19, Nov 2012

Harish Hasija

i've taken yore treatment for 7 days and i've somewhat a relieve last evening i took 1 table spoon ghee and then a glass of milk in advance i used to heat it with milk thanks ggod man its operating that is the fitting observe swallow or heat with milk


touch upon 19 Dec 2012


Pricey All

i tried the same formulation as prescribed through Excellent Man, however relatively different manner and located the relief faster than I imagined.

first thing in morning, drink 2-THREE glasses of water.

2D, one spoon of honey.

Third, heat a cup of milk, add one spoon of ghee and drink.

From the same day my puss and pain were given relived.

it is running for me, you can also additionally supply a take a look at. God helps it will relieve the victims.

all of the perfect.


noy (23 Dec 2012)

Hi all,

Just desired to percentage my enjoy. I just had fistula surgical procedure this month, and my doctor said the fistula has healed from the inside, and he did not minimize open the fistula all of the way... i was taking ghee and milk prior to the surgical operation in keeping with mr. Excellent man and i feel that help so much. Before surgical operation i was feeling fantastic and had not more puss popping out from fistula (about 2 weeks ghee ang milk)...just wanted to percentage my revel in and thank you mr excellent guy. God Bless...


Mars (28 Dec 2012)

Hello Just Right Man ...I m very thankful 2 u...ur remedy worked wonders. I had posted my problem FOUR weeks again. I consumed the magic potion of ghee & milk for 2 weeks and the end result was wonderful . The fistula problems got cured.... I also managed my vitamin by not having non-veg, highly spiced and no drinks.....again Thank You a lot GOOD guy.


Ilanhovan(28 Jan 2013)

Hi Excellent guy. the formulation that you simply gave have indisputably labored. The puss have drained out and the swell have reduced so much. Tips for others, take a look at to make use of some excellent antibiotic or antifungal cream in conjunction with this milk and ghee, the fistula will heal quicker...thanks Sir...


Chanchi(NINE Feb 2013)

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for this glorious remedy! My fistula plagued me for a number of months. While I noticed this page, I immediately ordered ghee and commenced drinking ghee and heat chocolate milk (now not a fan of standard milk) and after three days i realized a distinction. It actually is operating for me and i will't thanks enough!! i used to be informed i'd wish to have surgical operation once more, however from how issues are going now, it seems like I Am being cured the most efficient approach-the natural means :)))


john (10 Feb 2013)

Hi Good Man,

i would love to thank you for this glorious discovery and for sharing it to the sector... I had my fistula NINE years ago, it was cured via drinking top dosage of antibiotic for nearly a month. 3 months in the past my fistula got here back as a result of constipation. Now that i am already 40yrs and on high blood maintenance drugs I Am afraid to take the same route as a result of my kidney or liver might get harm from prime dose of antibiotic.... then a month ago i found this page and tried your Milk and Ghee... however then added Honey and a 3x a day 500mg Vit C.

after per week the swelling subsided with less pus, now a month have past no more puss and my fistula have already closed up.

thanks such a lot!!!


stressed out depressed (13 Feb 2013)

16 days after i tried ghee and milk one of my fistula used to be already closed, the opposite one no more puss is coming out, and the outlet is getting smaller.. waiting for the day I'm fistula-unfastened.. I'm additionally taking Max Gxl THREE capsules twice daily.

thanks Mr. Excellent man for sharing us the good information..


vice chairman (THIRTEEN April 2013)

Pricey All,

after studying this article... i had twice .....both the the days i am cured ONE HUNDRED% ..i simply took THREE dosage and it completely goes off.. it start with abcess 1st before this in 2010 i had a surgical procedure and it was an suffering....

thank you excellent man.....


FistulaGuy (23 June 2013)

Hey excellent man,

The remedy works certainly, thank you for the knowledge...

For my Fistula House Owners: expensive men i used to be affected by Acidity Reflux because of which I had palpitation. i was prescribed with medicine for one month... The palpitation and acid reflux disorder subsided however i started have itching sensation round my anus. To Start With i thought it could also be as a result of sweat and the anal hair, later even as scratching I felt a bump which to start with pained which scratched. To me it gave the look of boil so i've it someday to empty on its own. After 4 days it ruptured pus oozed out for a few days, i used to be agonized and consulted to the physician, The Physician was once somewhat a Gross Sales Guide, he recognized as Fissure and prompt me to have a surgical operation. i used to be ready then abruptly i found Mr. Good Man's Web Page, after taking this Ghee and Butter the one commencing is closed , the bump remains to be there although may be it is going to take its time.

The irony is the illness is normally termed as Accountants Illness and i happen to be an accountant.. i assume i've to take a holiday and stand for a month to heal quicker...


Linda24600 (on NINE August, 2013)

i have to chime in on this one. i've had this fistula in ano for FOUR years. I had surgery and it got here back. i've attempted ghee and milk for a 12 months. In Spite Of Everything I were given it proper. ITS THE GHEE. I make it myself I dont buy it at the retailer. I take a tbsp in the morning and a tbsp at night time. ALL THE TIME TAKE THE GHEE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. even if it seems to go away and heal keep taking the ghee. Do it for about EIGHT weeks. MINE IS HEALED. THANK YOU JUST RIGHT GUY. this is an overly embarrassing factor. if you would love to speak about it e mail me at tigrejones@yahoo.com. You dont want the milk. Except you want it to clean it down your throat.


shrikantk (on 30 August, 2013)

thank you a great deal for sharing your revel in. I Am happy to tell you that my fistula is completely cured after making an attempt your remedy of ghee and milk.


ankit (NINE Sept 2013)

Expensive all,

I had peri annal abscess which developed into a fistula. Ghee and milk medicine worked in an instant and the blood and pus discharge disappeared after 2 days. i used to be recuperating neatly but needed to undertake a road journey after 2 weeks. as a result of the bumpy experience my fistula opened once more. On The Other Hand this time the release is way thicker and not using a stains of blood. Its been THREE weeks on account that that road adventure. I'm regularly taking ghee and milk along side a few homeopathic medicines................................................


KJ (26 Sept 2013)

Oh Mr. Excellent Guy I Want to hug your neck and say THANKS! On my 3rd day and no puss or ache for the primary time in over a 12 months! i've had one failed surgical procedure at the anal fistula and while my healthcare professional stated i would need to have some other I cried because the recovery is SO painful and what if it doesn't paintings again. I googled and found your posts....need to admit i didn't think it might work however out of desperation tried it and OMG! thanks so much for sharing this!!!


JR (30 Sept 2013)

Hi GoodGuy,

I don’t understand who, what or the place u r from, but you are like a God Guy to me. The Ghee and Milk helped my state of affairs, and i need to in point of fact thanks for giving the wish. this is what i tried as well as and it will help someone else also..............


Leecie (6 Sept 2013)

Excellent Guy-

Considering The Fact That my infection is nearly gone, I Am now starting to take the ghee to assist shut my fistula. My ache is long past---which is something I had felt considering May.

i don't think i can thanks enough for your put up. It motivated me to take a look at natural treatments and without it, i'd be facing extra surgery for which i do not have any further in poor health leave and just cannot manage to pay for.

I thanks

Leecie (18 Oct 2013)

Hello Just Right Man!

I Am writing once more, after 6 weeks of my regime, to tell you that I Am now ONE HUNDRED% CURED! I DID NOT have surgical treatment nor did I ever return to peer the expert. I stored up with my homeopathic treatments they usually worked wonders!

I wish to be very transparent that my situation was advanced. My fistula used to be deep and my an infection used to be pretty bad. Homeopathic and Naturopathic medicines can paintings! (I did take ghee too, which I'm positive helped shut my fistula after my an infection had cleared). It took 6 weeks of taking care of myself, and many herbs and supplements. In the tip, it was inexpensive and no more painful than having surgical procedure. My previous physician is surprised and has no concept how i've magically healed for as in poor health as i was. As shocked as she is, she remains to be refusing to believe in the energy of natural medicine. Now I'm the one who's stunned ;)

thank you such a lot Excellent Man, so such a lot!


Leecie (29 Dec 2013)

After trying natural remedies and ghee, my fistula healed. i was nonetheless left with 2 fissures-one interior and one external. i used to be informed through my physician to use Comfrey Root Powder--which has improbable therapeutic properties. Even As the FDA says it's no longer for interior use in the AMERICA (because a few girl who was horribly ill with liver problems died) it had up to now been properly used for centuries by means of many cultures. I created a suppository for myself of Diet E, coconut oil, and Comfrey Root Powder (after weeks of consuming it as a tea hadn't helped my issues). After simply 1 use I had a pain free bowl motion--and NO blood!!! if you happen to think this may help you, see a natural physician and ensure it's right on your factor. (i bought the Comfrey Root Powder on amazon.com)


lexman1958 (25 Jan 2014)

Hi Just Right Man,

I went for a radical examination nowadays and glad to understand i do not have fistula observe and my anal canal is easy and utterly soft. i suppose this have to be the work of coconut oil treatment.

I wish to replace everyone that i do have widespread superficial small abscesses. i will be able to assure you that your treatment worked as while the abscesses holiday, they heal faster and smartly. I used your treatment for 2 days and the abscess that used to be sluggish, closed briefly and smartly with virtually all the swelling long gone.

thank you Just Right Guy!


joyspreader (FIVE Feb 2014)

Hi Mr Choo and hello all,

No words can express my gratitude.i truly concept

the pus/blood discharge won't ever forestall and this painful inconvenience may blow my sanity away.8 days(til date) of ghee/milk mixture

has gotten smaller the fistula and there's no more oozing.

i have to admit I'm a slave to habits and persevered to have whiskies every night.Also brought a spoonful of honey in the milk and a desk spoonful of husk seeds(most effective at night).

the best revolution of our age and time is the web which has given us this platform to percentage and heal not just physically but in addition psychologically. So this is a large thanks to Mr Choo and the NET.My very sincere wishes to these who're therapeutic and people

who're about to begin.

Any Individual seeking more details can write a mail to me.


Ambrose Ogutu (19 May 2014)

Excellent guy

My identify is Ambrose Ogutu. Your prescription of Ghee and milk to cure Anal Fistula labored like a miracle to me. Some five years ago i was operated for anal fistula. Simply 3 days in the past I had a recurrence of Anal Fistula and terrified of operation I googled for any Anal Fistula treatment and not using a surgical treatment. i attempted your approach for three doses i.e. on seventeenth May 2014 at night I took the primary dose but brought some antibiotic. on 18th Might 2014 took 2d and 3rd dose, morning and night.

Waking up at the 19th might 2014 morning I felt the miracle. the pain was once down seriously and that used to be God's Miracle. i will now sit and walk comfortably. God bless you. i've to share this so that others may be blessed


Koko (19 Would Possibly 2014)

Hello There!!!!

Thanks, Thank You and Thank You!!! It in reality helped me out, too! I'm scheduled for a surgical operation this Thursday and closing week I got a few swelling so bad i may hardly walk and sitting used to be inconceivable. For a 34 12 months vintage mother of two little ladies it is just no longer an allowed place to be.

i began to take the ghee and milk. My doctor's best choice was antibiotic. I stated no to that. As A Substitute I took your magic potion and supplemented it with 45 mg gel tabs of oregano (a natural antibiotic) with every serving. After the primary couple of days i didn't think it would paintings for me but then... the miracle did occur. at the fourth day I felt slightly higher after which on I simply were given higher and better.


BJ (21 May 2014)

Ghee and Milk - worked like a attraction! Gonna let my GP know about this so she will be able to percentage approximately this 'remedy' together with her sufferers!

Additionally, that is one thing non-public however i feel very excited to be in a position to wear light coloured pants once more. With the multiple fistulas I had, I wore best black or darkish colored pants.. Was Once caught a lot of instances by my pals questioning the blood stains on the again of my pants.... Pretty embarrassing particularly on account that I'm a man.

Thank You Justin!

God bless you! Critically.... =)


Angelina2014 (6 June 2014)

Hi Just Right Guy!

i have to say thank you a million occasions to you for sharing this magic treatment, and that is the reason not sufficient to express my gratitude. I've if truth be told lost this webpage because it's been a while, however I just idea i've to come back again and permit you to know how i feel.

i was identified with fistula approximately 3 months ago and used to be time table for surgical operation the second next day, whilst I stumbled on this webpage when i was searching randomly on the Internet for the after-care of this surgical treatment. From what I had been informed, the recovery typically takes 6-8 weeks and it is an excessively painful process. Even Supposing my situation wasn't that bad (occasional leakage and ache), but because it kept coming back, I needed to do one thing approximately it, and the medical professional recommended the chance of it being healed itself could be very slender..............

After approximately 2 months, sometime just lately, i tried to really feel the grain all through shower, and i used to be so shocked to search out that it's TOTALLY long gone! No grain in any respect! And I by no means had a unmarried relapse for the reason that 3 months ago!

Again, Just Right man, thank you for saving me the large ache, rigidity, time and cash through sharing this valuable data!!


Ms. Hopeful (29 July 2014)

I Am glad to inform you men especially you Mr. Just Right Guy that I Am no longer wearing napkins anymore. The puss that come out turns into so little day by day after 1 week of consuming it. I also devour rice with turmeric now to help hasten the restoration. thank you Mr. Excellent Man you are heaven sent.


Mrrad (FIVE Aug 2014)

Mr. Excellent Man you might be my hero!! ............

Its been 3 days because i started doing all this and the abscess/fistula is NINETY% GONE!! NO MORE ACHE!

i can continue the ghee/milk and oregano oil for a couple weeks extra...... THANK YOU AND I WILL LIKELY BE SPREADING YOUR REMEDY OF GHEE AND MILK! GOD BLESS YOU MR. JUST RIGHT MAN!


Stacey (29 Aug 2014)

you're my hero! i started this remedy about 4 weeks ago and that i noticed some improvement in an instant! i am not healed but however i have had this fistula for over a year and i feel it will take a little bit of time earlier than it's healed utterly. I'm confident that if I persist with this system, i will eventually heal without surgery...........

My fistula shaped after kidney stone surgical treatment and i was so depressed and scared about having to do extra surgical procedure to fix it. Plus the healing after fistula surgical treatment is negative and plenty of fistula's will get back once more after surgery. i was so wired!! Then i found this submit! i began to note a difference within an afternoon after beginning the ghee; I virtually cried because i used to be so grateful to you! thank you so much for posting this!! i can continue this treatment if it takes me a whole yr to heal. thanks, thanks, thank you!


savio (27 Sept 2014)

expensive just right man. i had a fistula sticking out from my butt. there was no bleeding and ache......... this treatment has worked wonders for me. the fistula is turn out to be small and is gradually disappearing. thank u such a lot.


Jean (14 Dec 2014)

Hello other people! this is my tale........

This treatment of Ghee + Milk is truly operating and that i in point of fact actually thanks Excellent guy for that, if this heals me then you definately saved my existence however I desire i can find a few rationalization approximately how this treatment works and likewise any other explanation approximately how this freaking disease gets cured without end.


IndianGuy (23 Mar 2015)


i might like to thank Justin for sharing this wonderful recipe for remedy. Might God bless you and all the ones who are taking this remedy and affected by this irritating disease.

I suffered from this sickness for nearly two decades (Due To The Fact i used to be 6-7 years old). Allopathy didn't not have any sure-shot remedy, so I never took that treatment.

So, i began out with this remedy. I had been eating it for last NINE-10 months, and now thankfully the secretion has almost dried up (for more than a month) and i don't really feel the pain, inflammation or tenderness in my rectum/anus. And I still continue to have the drink on such a lot nights prior to sleep.........( for full text, discuss with authentic comment beneath "comment" segment).

What's Ghee?

Ghee is popularly used for cooking in India. Ghee is clarified butter after boiling away the water content material and scooping out the cast milk debris. For additional information on ghee, please go to this wikipedia hyperlink.

you want to be in a position to get ghee from any Asian grocery store. Failing which, you'll make your own ghee. Simply practice the Youtube movies under


The information supplied in this article is from my own personal experience. As I advised in my article, not each treatment will work on everyone. So is standard clinical treatment. It greatly is dependent at the elements of the individual and the stipulations abnormal to that individual. regardless of the purposes, this text doesn't claim the tips provided will remedy everybody. the aim of this article is simply to tell visitors that the method worked for me.

you're subsequently urged to refer to your registered scientific physicians as an issue of due diligence.

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Through the way in which, the copyright to this newsletter is owned by means of Just Right Man. Please do not “reproduction and paste”! thanks.


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