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Friday, March 17, 2017

The Lucas Werner Catch 22 Situation: Fake Information and Government Impotence

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The Face Even a Mother May Just Say Seems Crazy

There needs to be a "crazy person" emoji for Facebook posts.There needs to be a "loopy person" emoji for Facebook posts. | Source

As a ways as "pretend information" is going, that is lovely bad. Which wouldn't be so bad, if the lies were not being spread further and extra, week after week, via the mainstream media.

What the "actual" information pronounced, and keeps to file: On December 22, 2016, a 37 yr old guy went into the downtown Spokane, WA, Starbucks, to get a hot chocolate. He concept the 16 yr vintage barista used to be flirting with him, so he passed her a observe saying he wanted to take her out to dinner. She idea it was once creepy, instructed her supervisor, and Starbucks banned him from the store.

He hooted and hollered (and continues to hoot and holler) that Starbucks was discriminating in opposition to him in line with his age. Yes, he is claiming "ageism."

I'm seeking to consider why the media might stay sharing this story with none additional rationalization whatsoever. On The Grounds That they do not wish to inject any fact, i will.

His Name is Lucas Werner

Lucas needs long-term, involuntary psychiatric care like he received in March 2016.Lucas wishes lengthy-time period, involuntary psychiatric care like he won in March 2016. | Source

Lucas Werner is dangerously mentally ill: Lucas Werner was identified with bipolar II with schizoidal inclinations in 2000 after a manic episodic break. He has been forcibly devoted within the prior. The last time was in March 2016. as well as to the bipolar II with schizoidal inclinations, he has been identified with a bunch of untreated communicable sicknesses that don't require intercourse for sharing (e.g., MRSA).

Lots Of his posts on Facebook and YouTube appear ... completely nuts. His mother has written about how unhappy it was once to lose him to mental sickness, however like so many other mentally unwell individuals, he obviously refuses to stick on drugs or get help for any of his stipulations, mental or otherwise. And the family has no energy to do anything.

you'll be able to learn a short autobiography here.

Brains ......... BRAINS!!!!

Is it just me or do those look like brains??Is it just me or do the ones seem like brains?? | Source

The creepy meals memes: K, I Do Know other folks get all precipitated when their Facebook friends publish an image of every meal. However Lucas' photos are just ... unappetizing? Bizarre? Provide the affect he is a cannibal? And it's not like he posts other footage of different foods. Remember, he's homeless ... how he even presents to consume out is a thriller. However he tends to make use of one picture time and again for his bizarre underage lady memes.

Let's be truthful, Lucas: That white stuff looks as if brains. And the way in which you talk makes it seem like it's human brains.

What filter out are you the use of, that you simply make each and every plate of food appear to be one thing out of a cannibalistic, dystopian sci-fi film?

Younger Males Are Genetically Inferior

When you look at his memes, you know why he hasn't had a date in 5 years.When you have a look at his memes, you recognize why he hasn't had a date in FIVE years. | Supply

Males below 35 poison their sexual partners: Telomerase is on the center of Lucas' beliefs, they usually are pretty frightening beliefs. Could Not ask for a better instance of how just a little understanding of a little bit science can lead to large issues.

At a few element, Lucas read something about:

telomeres, a repeating DNA collection on the end of the body's chromosomes (that's pretty complex technology); and the way older males have small children that are living longer

after which positioned 1. and a pair of. in combination and came to the realization that:

young males cannot breed; society must elevate the age of consent for men to 35; and those younger males are giving their sexual partners most cancers and other preventable sicknesses with their substandard sperm.

heavy sigh

And whilst commonplace people may look at those findings and deduce that older men simply have kids that live longer - however folks should still get to choose their own partners in line with want, no longer age - Lucas has taken it upon himself to be the savior of Spokanish womanhood by pointing out that ladies under the age of 26 must have sex with him because his sperm will produce awesome progeny. Or, as Lucas placed it, so eloquently:

"Dudes below 35 are cancer causing agents. That has to be the funniest real shot I've learn from a minimum of 3 scientific resources in my 36 years on this planet. Dudes beneath 35 lead to cancer, despair and rigidity from an excessive amount of telomerase of their our bodies. if you happen to didn't learn this submit you could get motherf**okay most cancers."

Did I point out he mentioned younger ladies should be doing it with him whether or not they want to or now not? This "technological know-how" additionally does not observe to other older men, as evidenced by his a large number of, spiteful, jealous posts decrying the huge selection of "silver foxes" in Spokane courting women that fall within in his favored age vary.

However You Devour Cheese!!!

Lucas Werner: Date me, because I'm like old, rotten milk.Lucas Werner: Date me, because I'm like antique, rotten milk.

Fermentation bolsters his science: Okay ... so simply undergo with me in this one! in case you consume cheese, you are a hypocrite if you do not date older men. in case you drink alcohol, you're a hypocrite when you don't date older males. i think he also used dried fruit as an instance.

So ... you're almost definitely like, "WTF?"

Lucas' reasoning is that as a result of cheese is fermented, i.e., vintage and rotten, and younger women eat cheese, then they obviously need to be relationship antique and rotting males. Wait ... possibly I phrased that wrong. since you take juice and also you allow it get old and rotten and when it becomes wine you enjoy consuming it, then you definitely will have to enjoy relationship antique and rotting males. No, NO! Wait!! As A Result Of beer takes a couple of months to ferment but the bottle that holds it handiest takes a couple of hours to make .... are you figuring out the science here, WOMEN??

I DO NOT in reality be mindful the "science" at all, because it does not make any sense! Ravings of a mad guy.

No, He's That Creepy In RL

Woman all over Spokane have complained about being harassed by Lucas Werner.Woman in all places Spokane have complained about being careworn by way of Lucas Werner.

He acts on his impulses: Yeah, it is something to rant about crazy stuff online. It Is reasonably some other to behave on those crazy impulses. the inside track wanted you to think that the Starbucks incident was once a one-off.


Lucas has a historical past of writing weird notes to women who don't need them. and obviously, from his constant lamenting about not having such a lot as a dinner date in the closing 5 years, those creepy notes, his consistent, ordinary on-line rants and his troubling scientific ideals (which he inexplicably believes entitles him to members of the family with underage girls), these movements aren't getting him anywhere apart from further down the rabbit hole.

His brother said on-line that Lucas set fire to their father's truck.

He has additionally been arrested a lot of times, including arrests for domestic violence. Lately (January 2017), an area homeless refuge banned him and is seeking to serve him with a restraining order. So, no. he is not simply spouting off online.

he's not innocuous.

Bernie Sanders: Fertility God

Girls don't look up to Bernie Sanders as a leader, they just want to sleep with him.Girls don't search for to Bernie Sanders as a pacesetter, they only wish to sleep with him. | Supply

He idolizes Bernie Sanders: Lucas' Fb web page gives the impact that he in point of fact appears to be like up to Bernie Sanders as, , a pace-setter. And then you definately start to learn his feedback and the actual cause of his admiration turns into painfully clear: He thinks Bernie Sanders is a intercourse god. He thinks that the stadiums stuffed with young, screaming women are as a result of they need to bed Bernie Sanders as a result of he's an vintage man, and since of ... his longer telomeres. So keep in mind that, girls. You did not like Bernie Sanders because you idea he could carry actual socioeconomic amendment to The Us, you simply wanted to bang your grandfather. As A Result Of he will come up with superior kids with longer telomeres.

Hi, my name is Lucas Werner and I like to take photos of women I don't know.Hi, my title is Lucas Werner and i like to take photos of women I DO NOT recognize. Lucas Werner - YouTube
Just Lucas Werner taking more photos of women he doesn't know and sharing them online.Simply Lucas Werner taking extra footage of women he doesn't understand and sharing them on-line. | Supply

Their Rights vs. Our Rights

So ... I Am Not talking about a Genevieve Polarski state of affairs, where an in depth relative oversteps just about each and every affordable boundary and has a comparatively customary person dedicated to a place that topics her to a lobotomy, repeated surprise remedy and life lengthy institutionalization.

Lucas Werner has time and again taken footage of girls he doesn't understand, then posts them online observed by a few beautiful abnormal feedback. He brazenly brags about stalking ladies. He passes peculiar and borderline obscene notes to girls he does not know. He said he needs the regulations modified so he can contact children. He calls younger women (ladies who are legally too younger for him so far) bigots after subjecting them to his unusual conduct. He demands intercourse from younger women. He has threatened to kill himself if ladies as young as 15 wouldn't have intercourse with him.

he is unsupervised within the neighborhood, and the community doesn't adore it. The community has spoken, and but the government do not anything. He's passing notes to younger women he doesn't know, declaring that he wants to "recognise what it's like to be within them." Why are not the police in Spokane looking to get this guy locked up for good?

Lucas' stepmother has expressed her frustration with the system that refuses to help him; she has come to phrases with the conclusion that she is powerless to do anything to assist Lucas or the neighborhood. She obviously cares for Lucas, even supposing, like many people on the subject of dangerously mentally sick folks, there's a sense that she and the remaining of his family also forget about or allow his habits. Sadly, this has turn out to be a coping mechanism in a society that gives no enhance to either the mentally ill or their families.

I remember the very actual fears that individuals have about involuntary committal. there have been dangerous doctors, and there were unhealthy hospitals. However it is inexcusable to allow a man who clearly has the inclination to rape younger ladies to walk the streets unsupervised! Why do we, as a nation, must wait until the Lucas Werners of the world are stabbing a tender woman in a restaurant before we act on transparent indicators of dangerous psychological illness?

Lucas Werner repeatedly soliloquizes on his want to have intercourse with underage women and has taken steps to make his fantasies a fact, and yet, there are no laws to forestall this behavior? we are truly lost, if we don't protect our young people from dangerous predators. it is flawed to get rid of the elemental human rights of adolescents to uphold the rights of an unpredictable, bad sexual predator.

Just Lucas Werner, salivating over a group of teenage girls.Simply Lucas Werner, salivating over a group of youth women. Lucas Werner - WHAT THE F**OK - YouTube


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HK 20 hours ago

Bizarrely it is the misuse of technology and his insistence that he is a "scientist with no degree" that offends me such a lot, maybe as a result of i really have a degree. Taking isolated statistical findings like "older men have youngsters with longer lives" and right away assuming that the age is the DIRECT CASUAL issue this is a very commonplace mistake of those who imagine themselves extra scientifically literate than they are. As folks say, correlation doesn't equal causation. as an example, it is possible that men who've youngsters at an older age (say, thirties or forties, there is a restrict since the high quality of sperm deteriorates too, it isn't simply the mother's age that may be an important to the kid's health) are much more likely to be school-skilled males with a secure monetary history and first rate training, who use contraception and are much less likely to get their partner pregnant with out meaning to, who means parenthood responsibly, take time determining a partner who in fact fits them and handiest start a family as soon as they're financially solid, and such marriages are more likely to produce more than one youngsters - as against males who've the other roughly history and can have youngsters extra early. you would certainly expect to find a distinction within the lifestyles expectancy and health of their kids, but it could be due to the same components that caused the diversities in once they reproduced, particularly socioeconomic components, etc. Which, yeah, no shit would affect a kid's quality and duration of existence.

Science is sophisticated, and correlation research with people are a few of the so much difficult to design, perform and interpret correctly. there is a reason why the true scientists' conclusions phase has a tendency to be very conservative and never very dramatic, and almost always overhyped by means of the media and mediocre clickbaity clinical journalism.

i really followed the link to a couple of of the research he is stated on his FACEBOOK and like... even with out getting past the paywall, the abstracts every so often state your complete REVERSE of what they say they do.

He additionally claims the estrogen from a "younger, fertile" girl may lend a hand HIS well being. Someway. i will most effective suppose he plans to make use of her for blood transfusions.

Yeah. No Person make the mistake of thinking his "science" has any value.

And but even so, although having relations with older males HAD BEEN the well being gold mine for ladies, it might still be a miles cry from making grownup-youngster relationships okay. Courting someone with 10x more lifestyles experience than you and an influence imbalance sets you up for being focused via unhealthy and abusive behaviour. That shit isn't okay.


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