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Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Web Narcissist Poem

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The Online Stalking Narcissist Poem

You waste no time, Narcissist,

concentrated on-in

for your glossy

and brand new selection;

You administer your Facebook Workforce

your guide-realized recommendation,

and your unadulterated,

heroic coverage.

when you feign your attraction,

you ponder upon your dish

of any such wonderful, unsuspecting


Those terrible lost souls

will cherish your goodly recommendation,

when you valiantly sit down in the background,

caressing your throbbing ego.

With glowing eyes,

you believe their excitement

as you supply them your malicious and functional

Love Bombing injection;

All Of The even as, you are going to search

their weaknesses,

which you're going to put under the microscope

of your skillful and complex dissection.

you're going to groom them well

because in retailer for them

will in the end come their devaluation

via your prime gaslighting and projection;

after which, you're going to plan out,

and wait for, their ultimate discard,

as you climax on the thought of their pain

upon your final rejection.

Tamara Moore

© 2017 Tamara Moore


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