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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trumpcare will see a few Americans lose well being protection as a result of... 'freedom': Neil Macdonald

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Years in the past, while Republicans tried to weaponize the time period "Obamacare," Barack Obama smiled that big toothy, socialist smile of his and neutralized it with a few phrases.

"i love it," the socialist-in-leader proclaimed. "i don't mind it being referred to as Obamacare because it is real. I do care."

In that spirit, and as a tribute to President Donald Trump, who's after all a gorgeous darned being concerned fellow himself, his new plan must, with out question, be referred to as "Trumpcare."

A 'gorgeous' plan

Trumpcare is the "gorgeous, beautiful plan" that Trump promised will bring not only a great deal stepped forward protection, however much decrease rates.

Any Person who knows the fundamentals of health care economics should be in a position to remember the fact that. Trump will convince The Usa's insurance companies — a host of ferociously aggressive profit-turbines whose business model is to maximize earnings and minimize spending, and who to find any excuse to turn down or gradual a claim — to provide much more dear handle a ways much less money.

Oh, and likewise freedom. That Is in reality a speaking point.

Trumpcare will deliver freedom to depressing American Citizens chained up by means of Obama's statist squid of a device, which, within the phrases of Ben Carson, considered one of Trump's cupboard secretaries, was once the "worst thing that has happened on this country in view that slavery."

Obamacare to be repealed and replaced1:14

The Item about Obamacare that enslaved so many Americans, within the eyes of rightist Republicans, was once what is known as "the individual mandate," that's a bureaucratic means of saying "the government looking to pressure everyone to procure health insurance."

the individual mandate idea was rooted in the basic thought of insurance: whilst extra other people buy insurance, the risk is spread extra thinly, and everybody's premium drops as a end result.

Hassle is, teenagers hate shopping for medical insurance, as a result of they realize they don't fall ill much. they like to attend until they are old to buy insurance coverage, at which element they get very offended if the charges are too high, after which start demanding that teenagers buy insurance coverage, too, as a result of if all youth buy insurance….neatly, you get the idea.

So Obamacare imposed a tax penalty on anyone who made up our minds to remain uninsured. similar to slavery.

Paying the penalty

on the other hand, many kids most well-liked to pay the penalty, shopping for their way out of slavery and screwing the older people, whose charges lovely soon started rising significantly, which Republicans then held up as Obama's socialist failure.

Beneath Trumpcare, which is all approximately freedom, people shall be loose to shop for no insurance coverage. they are going to even be loose to not be able to have the funds for insurance coverage. Because, neatly, liberty.

However someone who has insurance coverage and shall we his or her coverage lapse, for any reason (even losing a job) shall face a 30 consistent with cent top rate increase if that individual attempts to resume.  

Trumpcare in truth directs insurance companies to tack on the massive surcharge, no longer that they need convincing.

this fashion, the government shifts the job of penalizing from the IRS to the insurance companies, thereby replacing slavery with liberty. If it's govt screwing you, like Obama did, that is socialism. If it's a organization screwing you, and profiting within the process, neatly, that is the American method. Freedom.

that's why it's so ordinary that a few of the loudest opposition to Trumpcare is coming from his personal celebration; congressional Republicans who call themselves the freedom Caucus, joined by right-wing activist teams like Background Motion and the Club for Enlargement.

Republican opposition

These insolent, disloyal buggers are working around proclaiming that Trumpcare is solely "Obamacare Lite" or "Obamacare 2.0,"and there are easily enough of them to kill Trumpcare sooner than it ever reaches the president's signing table.

Mark Sanford, a deeply religious Freedom Caucus member – the fellow who used to be forced to renounce the governorship of South Carolina after admitting he'd lied approximately going climbing and had as a substitute flown to South The Usa to hook up with his mistress – says the bill is solely any other form of entitlement, that's a poison word to Republicans. Sen. Rand Paul flatly says the slavery-like particular person mandate is still within the new legislation.  

The Home leadership Obamacare Lite plan has many problems. We need to be preventing mandates, taxes and entitlements no longer protecting them.

— @RandPaul

The Liberty Caucus has other issues with Trumpcare, too. Like Obamacare, it socialistically prevents insurance firms from doing the things they used to do: dumping a ill affected person whose prices get too top, or refusing to insure anyone who has a "pre-current situation."

A Few Republicans additionally are not too enthusiastic about Trumpcare's rollback of Medicaid, this system that provides care to the indigent and poor. Obamacare accelerated Medicaid, paying states to increase this system to tens of thousands and thousands of uninsured Americans. Trumpcare would chop that cash off.

the trouble is, a majority of Medicaid beneficiaries within the Republican states that improved Medicaid voted for Trump, meaning they most certainly voted for the freedom Caucus sorts, too. And Trumpcare could also cut tax credits so much closely for older and decrease-income Americans, particularly in rural spaces. Bet who such a lot of them voted for?

If Trumpcare turns into truth, those folks will briefly uncover that freedom's simply another word for nothin' left to lose, to cite Kris Kristofferson. After Which they will not like Trumpcare a great deal.

Secret Service Chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz suggests no longer shopping for an iPhone and spending the cash on insurance coverage instead. (J. Scott Applewhite/Related Press)

Besides, Jason Chaffetz, every other conservative congressional Republican, says Americans want to understand that underneath Trumpcare, it'll be time for individuals to take some personal accountability for their hospital treatment; he suggests no longer shopping for an iPhone and spending the money on insurance coverage as a substitute.

you'll believe how that went down in iPhone-loving heart The Usa.

Rep. Roger Marshall, another Area Republican, chimed in that terrible people "simply do not want well being care and are not going to take care of themselves."

What has the president said about all this? No Longer so much. He just desires the damn thing passed without an excessive amount of discussion. Subsequent week would be excellent.

additionally it is a secure bet that this gorgeous, beautiful new plan is one in all the few issues in this earth Donald Trump doesn't wish to see his identify on.

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